2015 Photo Journal

Seeing as January is nearly over, I figured I would finally post a recap of my 2015 year in the outdoors. Unlike years past when i  flew solo…. this one was shared with family. Myla, my daughter was born in May- and a couple short weeks later, we went on our first camping trip with her in the Taylor Fork basin. A few months later, with her 4 year old brother Rudy, we went on our first family backpacking trip; a 12mile round weekend journey far into the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. By the warmth of the campfire, high in the alpine, our eyes feasted on the stars, and we talked of bears and other beasts. It was a strange feeling, to be able to share those first steps in the backcountry and experience the mountains through the eyes of the little ones. I felt I had borrowed a feeling that had long since departed from me, when I first experienced the mountains at their age all those years ago. I ran a couple ultramarathons- making podium on a 50k in my stomping grounds in the Bridgers during the summer, and later, I reached a personal goal of running a mountain 50miler in under 10 hours (9 hours 58 minutes to be exact) after driving the entire night, with no sleep, to the starting line. I also found slow and steady success in the freelance writing and photography world, with stories and photos in Outside Bozeman, Africa Geographic online, Sidetracked, African Parks newsletters, and successfully queried stories in queue for 2016. In 2015, we also had our wedding ceremony. We went sailing. We went hiking in grizzly country. I went ice climbing for the first time. And in general, had a great year. If there’s one thing i learned in 2015, its that one shouldn’t let stress, lack of money, and parenthood hinder outdoor adventures.



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