Equipment: the best backpacking stove you’ve never heard of… at only $19.99


When I purchased the Lixada Pocket camping stove off last summer, I just wanted something that worked, but I didn’t expect the high performance I received.

The stove resembles traditional screw on canister stoves from brands like MSR, Snow Peak, Primus, etc. Except, this one is tiny, weighing in at around 28 grams. It also uses these traditional fuel canisters- isobutane/propane- found in any outdoor gear store in the US. The stove came in a package written completely in Chinese, and is distributed through Amazon. I would have never purchased such a cheaply priced ($19.99!) or a cheap looking stove, had I not seen the reviews on Amazon. Some people were able to boil 12oz of water in under two minutes at room temperature (that’s as fast if not faster than comparable name-brands- and at much lower costs).  We are talking about a $20 stove that competes with stoves costing $60 or more….


For my at-home-test, I was able to boil 16oz of water in my Snow Peak Titanium mug, on my back deck in 26F temperature, with a brisk breeze- at 4 minutes, 40 seconds… still pretty acceptable. But for the real test……

In 2016, I took this stove on two big, Montana backcountry adventures… 10 days in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in early September at 11,000 feet elevation…. and then 7 days in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness in early November. For my review: The stove performed flawlessly. And during those two trips, I never ran out of fuel- with the two, 4oz bottles I brought!


So if you’re looking for a good, reliable backpacking stove, look no further than the Lixada. You won’t find a better value for the price. And if you dont take my word for it, look at the rave reviews from

Buy here..   YOU’RE WELCOME.

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