The Beartooth Traverse Update #1

My long awaited adventure to traverse the Beartooth Range and tag Granite Peak in Montana in one attempt, is quickly approaching. Since childhood I have been obsessed with the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, with its remoteness and pristine ecological state. Crossing the entire Beartooth Range will hopefully pacify a deeply rooted wanderlust plaguing me the last couple of years. My biggest fears, besides dangerous weather, is of course the many grizzly bears that inhabit the area. I will be carrying an REI flash backpack- which is smaller than my college book bag, and weighs less than 15 lbs when full of three days worth of supplies- and will navigate by map and compass alone. The sheer minimalism of this kit will test me to my limits, even more than those simplified backpacking experiences of my past. Stay tuned for more updates of the #beartoothtraverse here, and on my instagram page.



map study beartooth wildernessDP1_4920

lake in the absaroka beartooth wilderness

absaroka beartooth wilderness1

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5 thoughts on “The Beartooth Traverse Update #1

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    1. Thank you! Ultralight is definitely a mentality. It seems so easy on paper. Its a gradual transition though. It has taken me years to get comfortable bringing such a minimal kit. I think every year I bring a little less each time.

      1. I can imagine becoming more and more comfortable with a bringing a minimal kit would have quite a direct bearing on one’s confidence in the backcountry. I only get out backpacking for 3 or 4 days a year, so am not super confident in myself. As a result I will pack heavy for all those “what if’s” or “just in case”. Don’t know if this all makes sense! 🙂

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