Across the Beartooths, Update #2: Success!… Sort of


Well, I made it back safely from Montana last week, and my long anticipated Beartooth Mountains traverse, in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. I failed to make it to the summit of Granite Mountain like I had planned, simply because I had no time to get there. In 2-1/2 days, I managed to cover 54 miles across much of the range. If it had been a one way trip, with a car shuttle or a pickup waiting for me on the other end, I have no doubt I could have completed the trip as intended. Instead, I had only to run from Friday afternoon until Saturday night- and then, turn back around the way I came.



One factor that slowed me down was the difficult route finding through the forest sections, as well as the immense scree/ boulder fields I encountered along the way. I met some elk and deer and beautiful cutthroat trout on my journey. It was an unforgettable experience, and one that I would like to repeat in the future. My backpack was lighter than it has ever been, which made the trip even more enjoyable. This is merely a short synapses of the trip. Please stay tuned for more detailed updates about day by day experiences, and the gear specific details of the simplistic ultralight backpacking system I used.



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8 thoughts on “Across the Beartooths, Update #2: Success!… Sort of

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  1. Synopsis not synapses. Please fix that 🙂 and feel free to fix my spelling in any of my posts you happen to read.

    I love that part of the world very, very, very much and I have been waiting to hear how your journey went! When I have been up there, I’ve felt like I was in someplace absolutely pure, the true “top of the world” in a way. I could imagine glaciers and, yeah. It’s just Heaven. I love your photos. Thank you so much!!!!!!

      1. I’m homesick for Montana (my family is from there) very often. My dad, grandad, uncles, etc. camped, hiked and fished those mountains. I just love them and it makes me happy to see you traipsing around in wonder up there.

  2. I too am homesick for Big Sky Country
    , now that I have moved to Colorado. Even though I was only in Montana for a few years, it feels like home. I catch myself telling people i am “from” Montana…

  3. Adam, I have so much respect for the navigational and route finding skills you would need to traverse solo across the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. I have been reading some on ultra light backpacking, and in my best case I still tend to pack way too heavy. Having a light pack would make the two and a half day expedition much more enjoyable.

    Amazing photos and I LOVE your bivouac shelter. Thank you for sharing!

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