Bears out on the Town

Normally, I just share new photos on my instagram feed. But this one, I had to share on here…


Near a jobsite in Aspen, Colorado, I found this beautiful sow black bear asleep on someones fence in the morning. At the end of the day, I drove past again, and discovered she wasn’t alone. The most surprising fact to note- was that during the few minutes I watched them, half a dozen joggers/bikers rod past and did not even notice the animals mere yards away from them.

As much as I enjoy finding bears in the wild  (See:     Searching for Grizzlies: early adventures in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem    ), its still exciting- and absurd- to see them “invade” man’s territory. Often, it is difficult for me to leave my adventures in the backcountry on the weekend, and return to the “real world” during weekdays, and it was a pleasant treat to have the wild pay me a visit in the form of these bears. Another reason the Mountain West is a great place to make Home.



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