Bears out on the Town

Normally, I just share new photos on my instagram feed. But this one, I had to share on here... Near a jobsite in Aspen, Colorado, I found this beautiful sow black bear asleep on someones fence in the morning. At the end of the day, I drove past again, and discovered she wasn't alone. The... Continue Reading →

Wild Bounty: Foraging in the African Bush

Sometimes, during magazine projects, I find myself brainstorming for subjects to write about. I'm always trying to find something significant to say, about a fantastic experience or place. After a while, when my brain slows down and I stop trying so hard, it occurs to me - the subject material is already there, overflowing in... Continue Reading →

The Beartooth Traverse Update #1

My long awaited adventure to traverse the Beartooth Range and tag Granite Peak in Montana in one attempt, is quickly approaching. Since childhood I have been obsessed with the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, with its remoteness and pristine ecological state. Crossing the entire Beartooth Range will hopefully pacify a deeply rooted wanderlust... Continue Reading →

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