The Desert: A Photo Essay

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to spend time in the desert- especially during the colder months. Instead of wasting your time with a bunch of none-sense words, I'm going to leave you with a photo essay of my time in the desert the last couple of years, on family and solo outings in... Continue Reading →


Last weekend, despite the flurry of sleet and snow and rain- I decided to go on an off-trail exploratory trek to an area not far from my home in the White River National Forest, in western Colorado. I had no reason to go out- no real purpose; I simply needed to move, to claw and scramble... Continue Reading →

Tales from Africa: Hidden AK-47

I hope you enjoy this short excerpt from my forthcoming memoir about working in the wilds of the Central African Republic, and the many adventures and misadventures that I got myself in. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to learn more!   " Despite the successes of the safaris, the year was off to a rocky... Continue Reading →

Breaking rules

Growing up, my brothers and I were only allowed to play in the street from the end our little yellow house sat on, down to the far end at the stop sign. Here, at intersecting streets, was our boundary. Under no circumstance were we allowed to cross the street without parental supervision. We knew the... Continue Reading →

Backpacking with a baby

How do you take a baby backpacking? Its not as hard as you think. I don’t mean to oversimplify the process. No doubt, going backpacking with infants or toddlers is a bit more challenging than when you were single or only sharing the trail with your spouse. But from the response my wife and I... Continue Reading →

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