Photo Essay: Four Days in the Maroon Bells- Snowmass Wilderness

At the second half of this week, I took my friend, Sam- a financial adviser from the Midwest- on his first backpacking trip: a three night, four day trip around the Maroon Bells- Snowmass Wilderness. Prior to the trip, his only experience was car camping; afterwards, he vowed to make hiking in the mountain west... Continue Reading →


Monster Crocodiles of Central Africa

A frightening encounter with a dinosaur...       (Please enjoy a condensed, teaser version of a chapter in my upcoming travel memoir. What you wont find in this version, is encounters with man-eating crocodiles, wresting 5 foot crocodiles, and also getting bitten on the arm by one of the reptiles- you'll have to wait... Continue Reading →

Backcountry Alaska on a budget

Not long ago, getting far into the Alaskan backcountry meant paying a bush pilot upwards of $2,000 to fly you out and drop you off in a remote spot. Not so today. Public transportation along with gear innovations, now mean that even the most budget savvy travelers can get out into the remote Alaskan wilderness... Continue Reading →

The Desert: A Photo Essay

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to spend time in the desert- especially during the colder months. Instead of wasting your time with a bunch of none-sense words, I'm going to leave you with a photo essay of my time in the desert the last couple of years, on family and solo outings in... Continue Reading →

Tales from Africa: Hidden AK-47

I hope you enjoy this short excerpt from my forthcoming memoir about working in the wilds of the Central African Republic, and the many adventures and misadventures that I got myself in. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to learn more!   " Despite the successes of the safaris, the year was off to a rocky... Continue Reading →

Backpacking with a baby

How do you take a baby backpacking? Its not as hard as you think. I don’t mean to oversimplify the process. No doubt, going backpacking with infants or toddlers is a bit more challenging than when you were single or only sharing the trail with your spouse. But from the response my wife and I... Continue Reading →

Salmon fishing… in Colorado?

Ever since I visited Alaska two years ago on a solo backpacking expedition in the Brooks range (see Arctic Alaska Adventure), I have been achingly longing to return to the land of the midnight sun. But finding myself less mobile in my wanderings due to the tiny kiddos, I have had to learn to transform local... Continue Reading →

2015 Photo Journal

Seeing as January is nearly over, I figured I would finally post a recap of my 2015 year in the outdoors. Unlike years past when i  flew solo.... this one was shared with family. Myla, my daughter was born in May- and a couple short weeks later, we went on our first camping trip with... Continue Reading →

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