The Basics: A Beginner’s First Guide to Backpack Camping

Why Backpack? There is something profoundly gratifying about carrying your home on your back; to be able to make a roof of the sky wherever your boots take you a particular day. I find the simplicity to be enlightening- in an almost philosophical way. After all, when stripped to the barest essentials of existence, what... Continue Reading →


Across the Beartooths: Last Day of Expedition & Ultralight Gear for Faspacking

  After a blissful- and equally painful- two days tearing across the massive Beartooth mountains in Montana, I found myself just shy of Fossil Lake, and out of time. There was nothing left but to turn around, and return the 27 miles I had come from. This time, in one day. I had long since... Continue Reading →

Backpacking with a baby

How do you take a baby backpacking? Its not as hard as you think. I don’t mean to oversimplify the process. No doubt, going backpacking with infants or toddlers is a bit more challenging than when you were single or only sharing the trail with your spouse. But from the response my wife and I... Continue Reading →

2015 Photo Journal

Seeing as January is nearly over, I figured I would finally post a recap of my 2015 year in the outdoors. Unlike years past when i  flew solo.... this one was shared with family. Myla, my daughter was born in May- and a couple short weeks later, we went on our first camping trip with... Continue Reading →

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