Bears out on the Town

Normally, I just share new photos on my instagram feed. But this one, I had to share on here... Near a jobsite in Aspen, Colorado, I found this beautiful sow black bear asleep on someones fence in the morning. At the end of the day, I drove past again, and discovered she wasn't alone. The... Continue Reading →

Backpacking with a baby

How do you take a baby backpacking? Its not as hard as you think. I don’t mean to oversimplify the process. No doubt, going backpacking with infants or toddlers is a bit more challenging than when you were single or only sharing the trail with your spouse. But from the response my wife and I... Continue Reading →

Salmon fishing… in Colorado?

Ever since I visited Alaska two years ago on a solo backpacking expedition in the Brooks range (see Arctic Alaska Adventure), I have been achingly longing to return to the land of the midnight sun. But finding myself less mobile in my wanderings due to the tiny kiddos, I have had to learn to transform local... Continue Reading →

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